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The Greatest Gift Right Now

Coronavirus, Corona, Covid-19; whatever you choose to call it, it’s a scary thing.

The world is in chaos right now. People are panicking. Toilet paper is flying off shelves. Families are quarantined in their homes. Businesses are shut down. It’s the stuff that makes for the beginning to every zombie/apocalypse movie we’ve ever seen.

I don’t need to remind you of all of these things.

They flood your social media and the news daily. You can’t view the outside world without seeing it. It’s easy to get sucked into the negative. Each of us stands on the same precipice, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m choosing to look at this whole situation as a gift.

It IS a gift. It’s the gift of TIME.

We live in a world that demands our attention every moment.

It demands we answer our emails or texts in the middle of the night.

It demands we keep up on the lives of each of our friends and relatives.

It demands we enroll our kids in every sport.

It demands we buy the latest and greatest gadgets.

It demands we get involved in our kids’ schools, while keeping up with the demands of our chosen careers.

Every moment of our lives is scheduled and stuffed full. But not anymore.

Everything is cancelled.

There are no activities, no social gatherings, no weddings, or school plays. No dance recitals or science fairs. No graduations or birthday parties. No school. No work. (Well, maybe an alternate work situation for some.)

Is this depressing? Maybe. Or is it freeing?

We still have our loved ones, our pets, our couches, the Internet, music, and entertainment.

We can still binge watch our favorite shows, but now we can do it without being exhausted for work the next day.

We have access (through the magic of the Internet) to museums, zoos, operas, galleries, aquariums, theaters, amusement parks, etc. … and it’s all for FREE!

This time together now affords us so much that we had previously put aside for what we once felt was "more important" in some way. I choose to think positively -- of what we can do and what we have -- rather than about what I can no longer do freely.

Think about it with me for a moment ... With this time, we can:

  • Play with our kids, and teach them to cook or bake.

  • Snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie in the middle of the day.

  • Take a hike, soaking in the sun when we would normally be absorbing the rays of florescent lights. (Not to mention rediscovering and enjoying nature again – with less traffic whizzing down the normally busy streets, we can hear birds again!)

  • Sleep late. (Or maybe even take a nap midday!)

  • Visit the hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo without leaving our beds.

  • Have romantic dinners with our significant others without feeling guilty about the work meeting we are missing.

  • Make breakfast and sip coffee with our loved ones.

  • Have a morning dance party with our kids.

  • Learn the new language or pick up the hobby we’ve always wanted to.

  • Take a free online class and gain some new skills.

  • Work on our health and join any one of the free fitness classes being offered.

  • Take some time to rediscover ourselves, our dreams, our passions.

  • Watch our babies grow, our preschoolers explore, our school age children learn.

  • Enjoy the moments we so often rush passed.

Is the world scary? Yes. Is this illness serious? Yes.

But that doesn’t mean that this time in our lives needs to be serious and scary. We can choose how we live in this time.

We get to decide how we handle this moment.

What will YOU choose?

I choose to believe that we have been granted a gift. The gift of a long, lazy Sunday.

I choose to enjoy EVERY moment. The good and the bad. The fun and the frustrating. Because, you never know when you will get this gift of time again.

Tempus fugit -- time is fleeting.

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