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ReStore-ing My Faith in DIY

I come to you today with an admission – I am fully addicted to shopping at ReStore! Perhaps you’ve never heard of it, or maybe you’re like I was (had heard good things and was curious to know more, but just never seemed to make the time to go check it out).

I urge you – especially if you have a project in mind, are doing any home improvement work, or simply need of a piece of furniture ... get thee to a ReStore location stat!

Image from a ReStore in Florida (Hillsborough County)

Seriously guys, those appliances look pretty decent. And that grey cabinet is gorg!

I'm dying to know what treasures can be found in the aisles in the back.

For those unfamiliar with this gem of a home improvement store, ReStore is the retail end that helps to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity. According to the ReStore website, “proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world.” That’s a win-win for me! Not only am I finding great deals on used (or sometimes new) supplies for all of my furniture projects, but I can feel good about where my money is going.

And, on an occasion like our most recent trip, you'll discover some random finds to make your thrift store deal seeking heart sing. Our favorite location had received a large donation from what I assumed was a Hallmark-like store and had displayed a ton of Easter items (when looking at the original price tags, it turns out they were actually discards from HomeGoods – ha!). We had gone to ReStore looking for a side table and a specific shade of blue paint for my latest project, but my daughter insisted we peruse the newly donated dishware and a selection of adorable decorations and dolls in this collection before we could move on. We didn't find the items we came for, but got two Christmas ornaments, as well as Easter themed kitchen towels and a stack of those cute pop-up cards in preparation for Spring 2021. (Sorry I didn't think to get a picture of the display. It was truly amazing how many brand new items – with tags – were showcased and waiting for new homes.)

The cards were a huge score! They are normally $6 a piece, but we got them for $1 each.

We’re blessed to have four ReStore locations within an hour drive any which way, so I’ll visit each and see what’s for sale and for how much. And at this point, I know what general stock each of our stores hold – if I want a decent selection of drawer pulls and other hardware, or sample sizes of paint, I go to one place … if I need a piece of furniture, I’ll check the warehouse of that same location (because they have marked up their furniture in the showroom up front ridiculously!) or head to another location that is a sure bet for a decent furniture selection at rock bottom prices.

Disclaimer: No two stores are alike! Because the locations are each individually owned, pricing and product availability may vary a decent amount.

Be prepared to spend some time digging if you have a specific item in mind. (So thankful that my kiddo has patience enough to stand by while Mommy rifles through bins!) Trust me, it's well worth it to take your time and explore each area every time you go. You never know what you may find!

I needed 9 drawer pulls and a door knob. The bags were coated and difficult to see through (and pulls were individually wrapped in equally opaque baggies). After I found a bag with more than 6 pulls, I miraculously found a knob elsewhere with a similar pattern, but wasn't loving the color. Grabbed a can of silver spray paint on my way to the checkout counter and was ready to rock 'n roll.

Oh, and speaking of HomeGoods ... just like with the inventory at brand new, full priced places like it, you’ll want to get anything you’re considering buying, as it likely won’t be there if you leave and come back. (Still regretting a few things I didn’t snag at HomeGoods a few years ago! Dang it all!)

The best part about ReStore is; depending on the location and what they’ll accept, you can often donate supplies when you’re done your project! I only needed a very small amount of paint for my latest furniture flip (leaving me well within the requirement of a two-thirds full container remaining), so I’ll be donating it back in hopes that someone else may be able to use it for their own project. And I’m going to take some scrap wood and our old vertical blinds (we boxed ‘em up using the packaging from the new set, so we’re within the requirements there too) to clear out our garage a bit. BONUS!!!

Pro Tip: Be sure to check your ReStore’s Facebook page for updates before you visit – some locations have temporarily closed during the pandemic, while others have new days/hours of operation.

$5 bag of wooden knobs in a delightful blue hue. Perfect for revamping our unpainted IKEA storage chest and there's plenty more for someone else to use.

Stay tuned for separate posts on a few of the projects I’ve done since moving to Oregon and discovering ReStore, including:

  • Distance learning suitable workspace

  • Girly bookshelf storage

  • Rehabbed dresser/cabinet

I hope this information is valuable to any of you who are itching to do something crafty, change things up in your home, etc. without the stress of heading out to a crowded retail store during the pandemic. If you would like more information about ReStore, check out their FAQs page. Stay safe and get your DIY on y’all!

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