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Girl Moms Just Wanna Have Bows

I have a confession to make…I am addicted to bows!

When my daughter was born last January (holy moly, how is my baby almost a year old already?!?) I became obsessed with all things girl. After 2 boys, who could blame me? I mean, don’t get me wrong, little boy clothes and hats are adorable, but nothing revivals the utter fabulousness of girls cloths and hair bows!

While hair bows are adorable they also serve a practical purpose for me and my daughter. Unfortunately Esme was, like me, born with very little hair and even as she approaches her first birthday, she still doesn’t have much more than she was born with. So in order to save her (ok, ok…save ME) from all the “oh what a sweet little boy!” my husband and I pierced her ears and put massive bows on her head.

I have been told, by some, that her bows are obnoxious but I don’t care (I actually have bigger ones for when her head grows!). She looks just too darn cute in them that I can’t resist! Maybe I’m biased but I can’t think of anything prettier than my Esme in a bow! Yet while the haters, hate Esme’s (ok, my) bow collection grows. I think, she has 30+ now…oops! Sorry/Not sorry.

My addiction, however, has lead to more than just an over abundance of bows (my poor husband!) but a storage problem. I was storing them on hangers in her closet, which wasn’t ideal. They were all bunched up and hard to get to, even for me, so there was no way my husband would have put a bow on her. I wanted to find a better way.

So the other day, while Pinteresting (that’s a verb now right?) and trying to find a display solution for my kids artwork, it dawned on me; I could use a clothesline for bows. I could display her bows while storing them. Eureka! Art and practicality in one! Thus my Bow-Line was born.

This idea was quick to implement and inexpensive. Within 30 minutes I had the clotheslines up and the bows displayed using things I already had on hand. Viola!

The Bow-Line

How to create your own “Bow Line”

You’ll need:



Command hooks

Mini Clothespins

Bows or Headbands of your choice

- Decide where you want to display your bows. You can pick an area with lots of visual exposure or a unused corner of your room. Just remember that wherever you decide, make sure they're out of reach of your baby (or you'll be rehanging them over and over) and not exposed to direct sunlight because they will fade. I chose a blank wall above my changing table, just out of Esme's reach. Now I don't have to worry about finding a piece of art to decorate that spot and, bonus, Esme is very entertained by the colors hanging above her that she doesn't fight diaper changes anymore!

- Cut twine to the approximate length you need. Remember your don't want it too tight or too slack. You need to allow room for tying loops for hanging and the weight of the bows will cause the line to drop a little.

- Tie loops on both ends of the twine. Put the sticky pads on the back of the Command Hooks. Loop the ends of the twine over the Command Hooks and press to your desired place on the wall at your chosen distance apart. Press firmly to make sure they are attached to the wall.

- Arrange and attach your bows as you like. The bows my daughter wears are headbands with elastic bands, so I hung them using mini clothes pins. It you use clip bows, you can just use the hair clip itself to hang them, no clothespin needed.

And it's that simple! Now even my husband has no excuse not to put a bow on Esme when we're headed out!

I am often asked where I get her bows, so I have shared a link to them below as well as other items needed to finish this project yourself! Enjoy!

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