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Deck The Halls With...Bows!

One of my favorite things about the Holiday Season is decorating. I love the lights and ornaments, the tree and the wreaths. My poor husband dreads pulling out the decorations because he knows our house will be covered in glitter that will hang around until May, but I just love it. I want my house to sparkle and shine. I want it to burst at the seams with Christmas but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Christmas decorations (at least the nice-looking ones) can get expensive.

I promise myself every year that I will go out on December 26th and buy tons of stuff for next year when it’s marked down, but somehow, I never get around to it. Now with three kids, it’s nearly impossible. But I have found a solution to making my house look classy and festive without breaking the bank: bows. A beautiful, intricate bow can make a statement and dress up any area of your house, but the best part is you can do them yourself!

I know what you’re thinking: Bows are complicated, and I can barely tie my shoes, how am I going to make a bow that doesn’t look like my kid tied it? I’m going to let you in on a little secret…bows only LOOK complicated. They’re incredibly easy if you have the right materials.

I remember when I was kid, our house always looked grand and elegant. The presents under our tree sparkled with enormous bows my mother had tied. I was always in awe. Then one year she showed me her trick. I was amazed how incredibly simple it really was. Her secret was wire ribbon. Now I am going to teach you how to create the same beautiful bows, just like my mom taught me.

Create the Perfect Bow

Materials you will need:

  • Wire ribbon (2-3 different but coordinating colors)

  • Scissors

  1. Take your first color ribbon. Decide how wide you’d like your bow to be. Starting with the tail, make a loop. Then make another loop at the opposite end. Work back and forth making loops in an accordion fashion until you get the desired number of loops. I like to do 4-6 loops on each end. Make sure you keep your fingers pinched in the center of the ribbon, so that you can keep your loops together as your work.

  1. Once you’ve gotten your desired number of loops, cut the ribbon leaving the second tail at the back. You can flatten and crease the loops. This will keep your accordion from coming apart while you work on the next steps.

  1. Take your second ribbon color. Making your width just slightly smaller repeat steps 1 & 2. (You can also do this with your third ribbon if you choose to have a third ribbon.)

  1. Cut a length from each of the ribbons you used, about 18-24 inches long for the tails of your bow. Also cut one smaller piece, about 12 inches long, in one of your ribbon colors.

  1. Stack your accordion ribbon, then add your two (or three) tails behind. Make sure the tails are hanging about even, then use your 12 inch piece to tie it all together.

  1. Pull loops from each side toward the center, while fluffing and filling them out.

  1. Pull your hanging tails so the are closer to the center of your bow, then roll each tail from the bottom to the top creating a roll about the size of your finger. Pull the inside (the end of the tail) straight down to create a coil of ribbon. Repeat with each tail.

  1. Make sure your bow is fluffy and full, then add it to your décor or outside your home.

One of the greatest thing about these bows, is they can be reused each year. When Christmas is over, I simply place the bows into a trash bag and put them with my other decorations. When the next year rolls around, I take the bows out, re-fluff them and re-curl the tails and they are set to use again. I replace the ones I use outdoors every few years because they start to fade from the sun and the weather. I would suggest, allowing your outside ones to dry inside for a few days before bagging them so they don’t get moldy.

I know it’s getting close to Christmas but there is still plenty of time to make some bows for your house. And it’s actually a great time to make some because Christmas ribbon is on sale at most of the craft stores. But if you can’t find the time to get to the store and make some bows, I’ve included some links to some great ribbon available on Amazon.

Happy bow making! And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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