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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship...

I guess the easiest way to begin is to start at the beginning...

My name is Stacey and I am a work at home mom with three little kids; Declan (almost 4), Breccan (2), and Esme (just 7 months). I sell plumbing supplies for a living. I am struggling to lose the baby weight from 3 pregnancies in 4 years (and more than my fair share to start with). I usually start my day by 6 am and don't get to sleep until 11 or so. My life is quite literally insane most of the time.

If you stopped by my house on any given day, you could expect to find a war zone of Legos, Matchbox cars, and small plastic dinosaurs, me rocking my LuLaRoes or Fabletics leggings (two of the best leggings ever made!) and black t-shirt, unbrushed (and probably in need of a wash) hair in some type of ponytail or top knot (whichever was the quickest that morning) and kids either screaming, laughing, or crying (or some combination). My husband, Dave, would most likely be enjoying the peace and quiet of his job (and he works at a manufacturing company!) or if he is at home you'd find him right in the middle of the chaos, feeding kids, changing diapers, or (Thanks-be-to-God) doing the wash or cooking. (My husband really is a saint!)

Our life is chaotic, loud, and high speed. We exist at a decibel level equivalent to a jet engine or hard rock concert - it is amazing what you can get used to and learn to love. With all of the excitement and noise, I often find myself in need of a de-stressor. "Wine?" you may ask. Probably. But, unfortunately, my currant diet doesn't allow for alcohol (I know, I know...what was I thinking?) so, instead, I have turned to crafts.

I have always been "crafty" and a little bit of a (ok, ok ... a HUGE) hobbiest ( I LOVE NEW PROJECTS!). If I find my patience running low or I have already lost it and have started screaming at every little thing my kids do, I pick up my latest project. Even if it's something simple like a few rows of crochet or designing a new project on my Cricut. Sometimes it might be a more involved project, like quilting or making personalized burp cloths, on really bad days. It helps to bring me back to my center and reminds me of what is important in my life. Family.

My friends and family have often said, "where do you find the time?" Or "do you ever sleep?" When you love something, you make time to do it. I have friends who work 60+ hours a week and still find time to run miles and miles everyday. I have other friends who find time to exercise for at least an hour everyday (I know, I should do that too. But I like crafting better!). Love something, do something. Though overused, it still the absolute truth.

So I started this blog for a singular purpose; to share my crazy life and the crafts I use to cope with it all. I hope you find helpful on your own journey to decompress!

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