I'll just say it; life is stressful. We may not be struggling to survive in the primitive sense, but every day we face battles. We need be the perfect parent, spouse, friend, employee, and citizen. We need to stand out in the crowd. Be better. Go further. It's hard.


Life is exhausting. I have found that to be the best version of myself, to not completely lose it and shut down, I need an outlet. For me, that's crafting. 

Crafting is the thing that calms my mind, slows down the pace of my day, and re-centers my focus on what's really important -- my family. So I do things with my hands. I create. It doesn't matter if it's copying the latest baked good on Pinterest or finger painting with my kids. It helps me relax and enjoy the moment. 

Along with the other women going through this thing called motherhood, who help contribute meaningful content for our amazing audience (you!), we hope that this can be a place where you try the crafts we've created, start a discussion with your friends about things we've pondered, laugh along with us at things we've tested (and quite possibly failed at), and/or revel in camaraderie of the parenting stories shared here. 

Most of all, I hope that you enjoy the peace of a moment to read. 

Real Life. Crafted.